Make Smart Choices for Your Optimal Health

Beautiful Courtney SmartyPants blue eyes blond makeup by Beauty Affair AgneOur beautiful and clever client Courtney Nichols Gould ( CEO of SmartyPants vitamins ) talks about making smart choices for your optimal health.

We recommend this article for people who judge themselves . Follow Courtney's recommended three steps and make a change!

Check out her speech on Mind Body Green blog - Why You're The Expert On Your Health

Photo by Tomas Skaringa

Makeup by Agne Skaringa (Beauty Affair )

Headshot Makeup and Hair Styling in Los Angeles

Here is few headshots from our last photoshoot. We love working with talented actors like Ashley Cho ! Such a great and powerful energy. Makeup and hair by Agne Skaringa (Beauty Affair)

Photographer Tomas Skaringa, www.TomasSkaringa.comMakeup and hair for headshots los angeles hollywood by Agne Skaringaheadshot makeup and hair los angeles by Beauty Affair Agne skaringa