be aware while applying makeup

Are you sure your makeup application is healthy and safe?

are you sure your makeup application is healthy and safe  things to know when you are  booking a professional makeup artistIn our contemporary society majority of women wear makeup every day. Makeup is our tool that helps us to look great and feel confident in our appearance! However, a lot of women are not aware that makeup can cause health issues if it is not properly taken care of.

When I was a model, many times I had to work with makeup artists who would double dip or use the same brushes on other models before even properly cleaning them. Occasionally, that caused me a red and irritated eye or even an infection. Since then, I always carried my mascara whenever I was booked for a photoshoot. That way, I knew that my eyes, most sensitive part of my face, would be safe from infection.

On one photoshoot, my makeup artist dropped, on a dirty and dusty floor, a cosmetic sponge, which she was using to apply foundation on my face. She picked it up and without even bother to clean it, she continued applying foundation on my face with that filthy sponge! At that moment, I wish I had confidence to tell her to stop, because I felt embarrassed.

Therefore, I decided to write this article for women who want to be not only beautiful, but healthy as well.

First and foremost, make sure that you keep your cosmetics in a clean environment. Wipe packages, sharpen pencils, wash your makeup brushes often. Take your time and don’t be lazy, it’s all for your own safety!

Are you hiring a professional makeup artist? How to be sure if she/ he is professional pink-eye-s1-facts mascara applicationenough?

Sanitation is the most important thing for a healthy makeup application! Could you imagine if in a restaurant silver ware or plates would be with pieces of leftovers? It is the same with makeup.

Do not let any makeup artist to do your makeup application on you if you notice that her/ his makeup kit, cosmetics are not clean. Make sure that cosmetic products are properly kept, with lids, no dust or any hair. Check if makeup brushes look clean and your makeup artist does not double dipping in liquid products such as mascaras and lip-glosses, because bacteria spread very fast through liquid and it might cause health issues such as eye infection or herpes.

If you are looking for a makeup artist for your wedding day, make sure you have a trial session. This will allow you to find out if the makeup fits you well and also how professional and clean the makeup artist is, because I bet that you don’t want to have a red eye or herpes on your wedding day!

herpes-on-mouth lipstic application

In general, every professional makeup artist and hair stylist must keep their products clean and wash their hands before working with their clients.

Keep your makeup clean and keep an eye on makeup artists and hair stylists who you are working with, because your safety always comes first!

Article prepared by professional Los Angeles makeup artist Agne Skaringa




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